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Being a guest author will give you an opportunity to reach the world to mark your opinion and thereby building your own profile. 

Suggested Topics for the guest author:

We have currently categorized the topics related to Fashion, Beauty, Health, Travel Lifestyle, Home Decor. We would want the guest authors to come up with some interesting topics among the categories mentioned above and we don't lay any restriction for the guest author to just limit their thought to only these categories. We would appreciate the authors to think beyond these categories and share their views on any constructive topics.

Few thumb rules to be kept in mind:

* Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet.
* You agree to not publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs).
* We may make some minor edits to posts if needed and the same would be communicated to the author.
* The article should not endorse or promote any anti-social events, products, thoughts or person.
* If the topics posted are considered to be in non-conformance with the above-mentioned points, the post would be removed from the site and the same would be communicated to the author.

We would want the author to share your image, personal details like your interests, your hobbies and any information which you would want the readers to know about yourself and follow your future blogs so that the same can be attached along with the article in the author bio data section.

Please note: 

Once the article is posted with the links and other relevant details, we shall not entertain any more modifications or changes in the article or the links.

* In case of any modifications at the later point in time, the author shall be entitled to pay for the modifications and upon confirmation of the payment, the changes shall be reflected in the website.

The website is making sure that the information conveyed through the articles are very much for the general/normal readers and the website will not be held responsible for any of the consequences/actions which is shared through the articles.

* The website will also be not questionable under any law. Please read the details mentioned above.

* Only informative and relevant links are allowed to be as the backlink. Any promotional links would be considered as "no follow", if approved by the content team.

* If you would like to go ahead with sponsored posting - Then read this.

* If we found any links to a dead website/leading to a 404 page/ inappropriate content at any point of time after the content is published, it would be removed immediately from the website. Fortherfirsttimer.com holds all the rights to remove any such links at any point of time to make sure the readers are not taken to a wrong place. 

How to go about posting the article:

To get started you can contact us by emailing the article topics which you have in mind.