Weekend Getaways: 3 Ways to Relax After a Long, Tiring Week at Work in Australia

The feeling that you get when you treat yourself on a lavish weekend escape is second to none. Going out or taking a quick drive away from the city is tremendously rewarding and comforting at a different level. 


That’s why everyone deserves a whole day or a couple more days filled with relaxing moments after grinding the entire week at work. Of course, who doesn’t want to get some fresh air and take a little time to unwind on their days off, right?


In Australia, it’s a good thing that the workforces don’t only receive a great wage, but also have utmost access to work-life balance. Not to mention the tons of choices they have in the “Lucky Country” to indulge and spoil themselves with, such as the variety of beaches, scenic views, drool-inducing delicacies, and the list goes on. 


So, either you’re currently working in the land down under or planning to apply for a job in this magnificent place, you may read this article to get some few tips as you came across a tiring week at work. Don’t forget to grab a pen and paper before reading further, okay? 

1.   Enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway in New South Wales.

One of the ideal ways to spend a day off in the land down under is to savour relaxing weekend getaways in New South Wales. Weekend getaways NSW aren’t only worth every second of your time, but also every drop of your expenses. It’s because, with just over an hour-long drive away from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can now witness the vibrance and experience the wonders of whatever the New South Wales has in store for you.


You can spoil yourself with luxury accommodation in the Central Coast or take an ample dose of fresh air while looking at the exquisite view of the Toowoon Bay. Of course, don’t forget to make the most of your weekend and beach getaway by booking a spa massage service, okay?

2.   Explore the outback in the Northern Territory

If you want an extraordinary and more unforgettable experience, why not explore the outback in the Northern Territory instead? Prepare yourself for a two-hour drive outside of Darwin and for the satisfying wildlife experience that awaits you in Wildman Wilderness Lodge.


You can find the lodge settled on the Mary River wetlands, which is 31 miles away from the Kakadu National Park, the largest national park in Australia, as well as dual World-Heritage listed destination. 


Aside from staying in the Habitat cabins and safari-inspired tents, visitors also check out the wildlife such as the crocodiles, wallabies, and water buffalo. This idea is indeed the best way to pamper yourself while interacting with Mother Nature. 

3.   Check out the Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

For another wilderness experience, you can also check out Kangaroo Island. It’s just 9.3 miles outside mainland South Australia and 100% worth your visit.


You’ll never regret your visit to Kangaroo Island since its filled with wonders of the untouched and exquisite outback, an expanse of white sands, limestone cliffs, and prosperous wildlife such as Australian sea lions, New Zealand fur seals, and of course, kangaroos. 

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The bottom line:

The land down under will never fail you from the moment you think about taking a break from your busy working life. That means that these are just three of the best ways you can consider to pamper yourself after a long, tiring week at work in the continent. 


What’s good about Australia is that you can get the most of your trips either you’re just by yourself, together with your family or with a bunch of your friends. 


If you have satisfying days off experience in Australia, just know that we want to hear your stories too!



About Author:

Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for Kims, a pristine and serene beach retreat in Toowoon Bay, NWS, Australia. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watching on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.