9 Best and Trendy Straight Hairstyles for Round Face

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In an era where having chiseled jawline is considered as ideal and the internet is flooded with crazy contouring techniques to achieve that look. Having a round face is portrayed as undesirable as it makes one look ‘chubby’ or ‘childish’. Contrary to the popular belief, having a round face is a blessing in disguise. There are many hairstyles that go with a round face, be it curls, wavy hair, and even straight hair!

Here are few examples

You can opt from this wide variety of hairstyles. Also you can brag and become evident to those who think straight hairstyles don't compliment round faces.

1. Bold Stepped Style

You can carry this look forever it's not messy you don't have to accessorise yourself with more things just a good pair of shades and you are good to go this is a bold look which can be a blessing when you where ethnic or western definitely you must give it a try.

  • Suits every skin tone.
  • You can use mama earth products for keeping your hair straight instead of using heating tools.
  • It will look absolutely stunning in your early 30s.
  • You can use Bobby clips and make your hair stay.

2.     The Elegant look

Just a simple look it's extremely easy you just need a straightener and you are set this would be a good choice for those who like there look to be simple they can stuck to this you can also put half hair behind and team a nice pair of earrings with it and you can also use one single earring as well if you lost the other one.
  • If you have healthy face just go with bangs and if you don't want to cut your hair you can get one from club factory they have bang wigs at cheap prices.
  • You can team this look with nice pair of jeans and throw a white T-shirt and wear hoop earrings

3.  The Statement Look

All you need is just a hair setting spray and stuck your hair behind your ear with some bobby clips this would look good in events like your bachelor party or some other big occasion and you can use a bold eye shadow with nude lips that would look amazing.

You won't need any additional jewelry.
You can wear fake eyelashes that would give you great instant glow up.
This look should be carried with full face makeup.
A tube mermaid dress would do justice to make this look a statement or any formal dress.

4.  Go To Look

This is the simple look nothing just tie a pony and all set for any kind of event if you want same shine on your hair go for the hair spray there are a wide variety of them the most beautiful and simple look which attracts people towards you one can use bow ties and few different hair accessories and look spectacular in no time.

Any dress will go with this kind of hairstyle.
It takes no time just a go to style.
Its time to take out your old ribbons and play with this look you can also add different extensions and make this look more attractive use different creative DIY's.

5.  Not So Formal look 

Definitely there are different names for this look but it's not a formal hairstyle we can just hook with this on parties get together etc. Moving further you will need a curling equipment the rollers or rod whatever you prefer it wholly depends on you this is a fun loving look.

This would suit on heavy faces and definitely on round faces thats what we are talking about.
You can pick a bold color lips without any other eye-makeup and wear two layerd pendent thing it will give your look a little accessorie.
And a black dress would do wonders you can choose dress according you body type.

6. Picture Perfect Look

This is a very trending hairstyle but not for a day it's good for pictures but when we talk real life it's a no but if you are a person who can cop up with this it's up-to you this look gives amazing shots all you can capture and flaunt on your instagram and later pin it up with a nice hair clip.

  • This is good for those who love clicking pictures .
  • A off shoulder top with some nice pair of skinny jeans will work a lot more than anything else.

7. The Ideal Look

This one is imagined by each and everyone we can also name it as perfect look it's simple at the same time it's alluring it's time to play with your hair and allow them to compliment your skin this one can be carried with any dress and anywhere whether it's school college or your badminton ground this is perfect and a mauve shade on lip would do even more after applying that you are all set for the big day.

  • This suits every face and doesn't require any makeup except than a lipstick.
  • Ethnic or western doesn't matters perfect for both.

8.  Back To School Look 

Just a casual look which we prefer as only thing you need is a comb and your fingers and put them back and this is generally a look which we can carry on days we feel low and one can also use hair setting spray they won't go anywhere this gives little hype in our attraction level as well.
  • No equipments, no makeup required.
  • You can still prefer doing no makeup look.
  • The lip balm from nivea in cherry will give you real good pigment which will fit with this.
  • Any casuals dress would go.

9. Wow Look

Just an amazing look just gives you a great personality people can recognize you due to your hairstyle you can just define this with few accessory pair of clips or you can invest in good beads or these days those rings are also available which you can use.
  • This would match with anything which falls off from your wardrobe.
  • Will go with any skintone but not with very lighter complexions.

Thats all for the hairstyles few basic life hacks
For shiny hair you will need a spray bottle add coffee and then water spray it on your hair you will see difference in no time.

When you suffer from hair fall major reason is tension and the cure to it is use vitaminE capsules and add them to your coconut oil and you can also use castor oil which is easily available on Amazon and then no hair fall problems.


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