Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday Makes Powerful Statement in NYFW

Tess Holliday, the popular plus-size model took off the Chromat’s New York Fashion Week runway in “Sample Size” dress. These are the headlines of most of the newspaper and magazines. The fashions brand Chromat’s had organized Spring/Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week show. Tess was also there to walk down the runway with other models. When she started her catwalk on the ramp in her “sample size” dress, everyone went crazy because of her confidence and positive attitude.

She had worn a sample size printed white dress, which was looking fabulous on her. The sample size is a term taken from the fashion world. It generally means a standardized size which is used by fashion designers to make dresses and outfits. Usually, the sample size falls between 0-4 for US size which is equivalent to the sample size 4-8 for UK standards. But Tess, Plus-size model, nailed it by breaking all the stereotype and wearing a sample size dress 26 of UK standards.

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Those who are still under the rock, let us tell you that Tess Holliday is a 34-year Plus-size model; who has started a positivity movement #effyourbeautystandards. Not only she has broken all the stereotype by being a model but she has also written a book. The book talks about loving your body and being comfortable in your body. She is not less than inspiration but today we are not going to talk about what she has achieved but what she is done in the New York Fashion Week show.

When she started her catwalk, she took the runway just like a storm. She came like a diva, shook her body as well as breast to grab all the attention and applaud. She looked quite confident and positive in our body. She gave out the message of loving your body through her actions that were quite loud and clear. After the event, she went online and posted a picture of her with other model and designers. She also described her feelings as
“one of the most memorable and emotional moments of my entire career”. 
She has written almost a paragraph about her experience and feelings. Tess also posted a video of her walking down the runway. Being a Plus-size model is not an easy task. But brands like Chromat’s makes it easy for everyone to showcase their talent irrespective of their shape and size.
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