Top 8 Trending Coats for Every Body Type

An ill-fitting coat can seize your fall outfit from Pinterest commendable to looking like a creased paper bag. But we never were going to let that come about to you. If we can help it we're all for covering up and staying warm, and there's no need to give up the style in the recreation of contentment. Whether you are strong-shouldered or hold weight in your lower half, we have a form of flattering, on-trend coat especially for you. Scroll below to see our top collection for eight different body types.

1. Best Coat for Petites: Cropped

While we tend to look for a number when it comes to coats the more fabric means the warmer we'll be, right? Outerwear that's too big can easily devastate a petite frame. Look for cropped lengths and slim fits to lengthen and flatter a smaller build.

2. Best Coat for Pear Shaped Figures: Belted Waist

A loosely cut coat leaves ample of room at the hips for your gorgeous pear shape and cinches to fit any waist size. The broad lapel on this amazing Self-Portrait version balances your lower half to fashion a full-on hourglass shape.

3. Best Coat for Big Busts: Open Front

Bigger busts must look for open front coats with extra draping up top, which won't lock you in like, say, a button-up coat would. Bonus points for how comfy this style is — it's basically a blanket, but makes it fashion.

4. Best Coat for plus Sizes: Modern Bomber

Bomber jackets are a stylish and easy way to insulate without adding bulk. The sporty style can add a boot of modernity to any type of outfit and is highly on-trend.


5. Best Coat for Apple Shapes: Cocoon

Cocoon coats are a blessing for people with apple-shaped figures. The curved out torso allows for a bounty of room for your midsection, and the thigh-grazing crop makes your legs look miles long.


6. Best Coat for Heart-Shaped Figures: Double Breasted

While we'd happily suggest this heart-shaped coat for heart-shaped folks, we think a double-breasted furrow would get a bit more mileage. This shoulder-friendly cut is immaculately tailored with a lean fit to flatter inverted triangle shapes.

7. Best Coat for Tall Figures: Dusters

Dusters, so named for their vast lengths and helpfulness at protecting horsemen's clothes from kicked-up dust, are an outstanding option for tall figures. The low hemline of these coats is balanced to your stature and is excellent layering pieces, which helps to create dimension.


8. Best Maternity Coat: Puffer

You shouldn't have to give up your much-loved styles while you're pregnant. This puffer coat is just like the best ones you know and love, excluding it is particularly cut with more room for an increasing belly. We love that you can wear it before pregnancy and after pregnancy as well, and it will look just as great.

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